#12 Babylone Garden             10.75
Sliced cucumbers, shredded carrots, avocado red bell peppers tomato Red Onions lettuce & sprinkled with balsamic vinegar & olive oil.

#13 Chicken Bacon Ranch      10.75 
Grilled chicken breast, bacon aioli spread provolone cheese red onions tomato, & ranch dressing.

#14 Reuben                             10.75
Hot Pastrami, Dijon spread  Swiss cheese & cooked sauerkraut on toasted bread.

#15 S D T                                 10.75  
Sun Dried Tomato spread, roasted turkey provolone cheese, Bacon kalamata olives red onions & lettuce.

#17 Blue Mountains                   10.75
Roasted turkey, crispy bacon fresh sliced Fuji apple blue cheese spread & lettuce on a toasted Ciabatta Roll.

#18 Salamina                            10.75
Dry Italian salami, roasted turkey,
Swiss cheese Dijon spread, red onions & lettuce.

#19 B.L.T Supreme                    10.75
Crispy bacon, provolone cheese 
aioli spread balsamic vinaigrette red onions lettuce on toasted bread.

#20 The Med                              10.75
Roasted turkey, aioli spread English cucumbers balsamic vinaigrette red onions red grapes feta cheese & lettuce
#21 Le Parisien                          10.75
Peppered roasted turkey, melted Brie cheese fresh sliced Fuji apple with Balsamic dressing & lettuce on a toasted roll. 

#22 Copper Canyon                 10.75   Roasted Chipotle Chicken, Cheddar Cheese, House Aioli Spread & Ranch Dressing, Red Onions, Tomatoes & Lettuce.     

All our Sandwiches include a side of 
creamy pasta or a bag of chips. 

#1 California Heartland       10.75
Artichoke marinade, provolone cheese, turkey & lettuce sprinkled with Italian dressing.
#2 Big Apple                         10.75
Hot pastrami, pepper jack cheese tomato Dijon spread, on toasted bread.

#3 Mt St Helens                     10.75
Roast Beef, pepper Jack cheese sauteed onions & mushrooms aioli spread on toasted bread.

#4 the monument                  10.75
Roasted turkey, bacon avocado Swiss cheese tomato Dijon spread & lettuce. 

#5 Old Faithful                      10.75
Black Forest Ham, provolone cheese tomato Dijon spread & lettuce.

#6 Golden Gate                     9.99
Grilled chicken breast bacon,aioli, smoked Gouda cheese & lettuce on  toasted bread.

#7 Plymouth Rock                 10.75
Roasted  turkey & cranberry spread,  Monterey Jack cheese & lettuce.

#8 Little Italy                          10.75
Pesto chicken salad, roasted red peppers provolone cheese aioli spread & lettuce. 

#9 French Dip                        1075
Roast Beef, Dijon spread, Swiss cheese with au jus n a toasted French roll. 

#10 Half Dome                       10.75
Roasted turkey & Black Forest Ham, Swiss cheese tomato aioli spread lettuce on toasted  bread.

#11 The Atlantis                     10.75
Albacore Tuna salad, sliced hard boiled egg, mayo, tomato red onions Italian dressing & lettuce

     Bread from
 Genova bakery

 French roll
 Dutch Crunch
 Sliced Sourdough
 Ciabatta Roll
 Milk Roll
 Sliced Wheat 

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