Pictures of our Hometown in France
Thierry and Pascale 
Growing up in Baccarat  France  a tiny little town of 5000 people, Pascale was 16 and I was 17 when we met, we got married in 1987 and thought that it would be very cool to go to America for our Honeymoon  we did, and got hooked, we loved it so much that we decided to do everything we could to call it Home, not easy but in  1992 after 5 long years of waiting  for our green cards the day finally came to pack and embark for our great adventure. 
I was a glassblower for many years in the Bay Area and Pascale had a cleaning business here in Lodi.  
In 2005 we started Bon Appetit which has became a favorite Lunch destination for many of our loyal Customers not surprising when you know Pascale and her talent for food as well as her commitment to quality, taste & freshness.
We have 3 children, Cheryl and Alain & Jimmy our 2 sons are out there somewhere protecting you and your loved ones.
And the one and only,  the one who melt my heart my Lego partner
                    Theodore A.K.A Little Man   
We are proud and Happy to welcome our second Grandkid Killian.
Bon Appetit 
  " It's all good "
Pascale, Jimmy, Cheryl and Alain.
Little Chef in training